Resafad Conducts Outreach Seminar

In an effort to spread awareness about Information and Communication Technology, Resafad is conducting an outreach seminar to allow students in far-flung areas the opportunity to experience first-hand technology and development. This is also a way for the organization to encourage more young people from remote areas to participate in the organization’s programs.

The outreach seminar will be conducted at the Burkina Faso Convention Center, where close to 300 participants will be expected to sign up for the said program. We have sponsors who lent buses for us to be able to pickup these students from their villages. For two days, they shall be staying at the local inn, who are also sponsoring the said outreach program. This proves that communities play a great part in the development of these kids. Everybody is willing to do their share to help.

As facilitators, Resafad has tapped the talents of former students under the program who are now working for the government or in private entities as IT professionals. This is their way of giving back to the organization which helped them to achieve their dream of ICT literacy. Such a manifestation of going back to your roots gives the participants a feeling of importance and relevance in a society where charitable philantrophy is esposued.

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