UNESCO Donates New Computers

Resafad is pleased to announce that the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has donated 20 brand new computers for use at the campuses around the country. This will augment the aging computer infrastructure facility in the learning centers which are more than 10 years old and almost obsolete. To keep abreast with the latest technology should not be only confined to the software component, but should also include the infrastructure or hardware elements of computer systems.

This move shows the strong support given by various organizations and an emphasis on helping the less fortunate in our society. UNESCO has been recognized as the primary organization in helping developing countries, especially in the field of education, sciences and cultural aspects of learning.

The computers are donated by Dell Computers Europe as part of their socio-civic duties fulfillment program in cooperation with UNESCO. Dell has always been a strong advocate of supporting education worldwide, and this is just one way for them to live up to their promise.

The computer models are of the latest design and highest specifications. This is to make sure that Resafad and it’s member community will take advantage of the learning facilities to improve their knowledge and understanding of computers, the internet and knowledge in general.

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