Resafad Has Online Video Conference

As a way to test their students, Resafad has tasked the advance learners class to set up a Video Conferencing Event to see if they are capable of applying the lessons they have learned in the past self-learning module. During the event, students are tasked to connect their local station to a certain destination which may be on or off campus, where another group of students are waiting to be connected. Once a connection is established, that individual is given a mark depending on if he or she followed the correct procedures.

This event is not the first time that Resafad has done this type of activity. In fact, this is one regular activity held during the evaluation of advance class students to find out if they have learned the lessons they have just taken. So, this is actually an annual event which the students look forward to because they want to show everybody the skills that they learned during the learning module sessions.

During the conference, the students will be using conference communication equipment provided by Cisco, the acknowledged leader in communication facilities, from hardware to software to firmware. Cisco is another company supporting our educational initiatives. They have lent us their expertise and their equipment for the past 8 years.


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